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Each month VSM will release a 3-hour playlist available to swing communities around the world. The list will contain music from three vintage artists and one modern artist.  Our goal is to help connect the modern swing community with the stories of swing artist of the past and present.

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Musician Trading Cards

Along with the playlist VSM will release swing musician trading cards highlighting the Artist of the Month.   The cards can be printed by each swing community and made available to dancers the night the playlist is played.  The collector cards will connect dancers to “The”  VSM’s online  swing education website, where there is expanded information on each artist that is continually updated by dancers who are fans of that artist.

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Limited Edition Swing Artists T-Shirts

VSM will also release a monthly artist t-shirt that will highlight one artist from the playlist that month. Proceeds will go toward the VSM Education Programs. The t-shirts will be limited edition’s and will only be available during the monthly campaign.


Limited Edition VSM Swing It! Artist T-Shirt


Each month VSM will release a limited edition VSM Swing It! T-Shirt highlighting one of the artist from our monthly Swing It! playlist.  The t-shirt design will only be available for one month and then they will be gone.  Get yours today!

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Want to promote the Swing It! program in your local dance community?  Let us help you get started.

Bring Swing It! to your dance community





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