The Vernacular

is an educational swing resource website presented by the non-profit Vintage Swing Movement.

Vintage Swing Movement’s mission is to preserve the unique heritage of the music, culture and dance of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s swing era and assist in the grow of the swing community worldwide through leadership, support and education.


Our Goal

At The Vernacular our goal is to provide an online hub to grow and educate the swing community and to highlight the contributions of swing music, culture and dance both in past and present.

Are you a writer, photographer, teacher, graphic artist, historian, or musicians?  Parter with us and help us pass on the swing legacy to future generations of dancers and musicians.

Our Name

Vernacular Dance- refers to dance styles that are  improvisational and social in nature, encouraging interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers. These dances are a part of the vernacular culture of the geographical area that they come from.